Our Commitment to You

Our Mission: Bringing Quality Time Back to the Dinner Table

Chef Derek G's Kitchen strives to provide convenient, affordable, fully cooked crockpot meals the whole family can enjoy. Between the 9-to-5, kids' soccer practice and self care, life gets hectic and the "to-do" list is never ending: we just want to cross off one of those things on your "to-do" list by bringing back convenience and quality time at the dinner table - not in the kitchen.


Our Commitment: fresh ingredients, always...

 Our meals may come frozen, but they are fully cooked   and prepared right at our storefront here in Penn   Township, Pennsylvania - not purchased and   repackaged from the frozen section of your local   grocery  store! Chef Derek personally selects locally   sourced, high-quality ingredients available on the   market and prepares each homecooked meal before   carefully packaging them for the next guest to defrost   when they are ready, eliminating the guess work in   cooking time. If a meal is not good enough for our   family to eat, it's not good enough to serve to our customers!