How To Prepare your Crockpot Creation Meal

Our Friend Sarah shows you how to prepare our Famous Chicken Marsala, but the beauty of every Crockpot Creation Meal from Chef Derek's Kitchen is how easy each one is to make! Follow along with this great example and scroll below to read the specifics:


Remove all separately packaged sides and your main course from your delivery or pickup order. Do Not remove your main course or sides from any of the packaging! First, place the no-mess crockpot bag containing your main course directly in the crockpot. Then, place your frozen sides on the countertop to thaw, still in the original packaging. Prepare your sides one of two ways:


Option 1: Wait to Microwave - Remaining 30 minutes until Mealtime

When the main course is nearly ready, place your packaged sides in the microwave one-by-one, following recommended microwave times for potato , vegetable and bread choice, checking periodically:

  • Potato - 4 minutes
  • Vegetable - 2-3 minutes
  • Bread - warm as desired


Option 2: Prepare your Sides in the Crockpot with Your Meal (Shown Above)

Neatly fold over the no-mess bag so your main course is covered, then place your potato and vegetable packages on top, closing the lid over them. Once your entire course is done, carefully remove your packaged sides with tongs and place on serving dish to cut open. When your main course is done, serve and enjoy!


Still have questions? Email us at and we'll be happy to help!